All Security Efforts Begin, are Driven by, and are Justified by

We Begin, therefore, by identifying as many relevant threat scenarios, as we can think of
(lest we miss that one that would be used on us),
and then analyzing each identified scenario.

Threat Scenarios Analysis

Any of the threats identified below is ready for your analysis. Select your choice and process it guided by the form where it is presented. When done, click-send it for evaluation. You will get an acknowledgement email.

This work calls for your full cyber wisdom to be applied, with special emphasis on critical thinking and bold imagination.

Revisit this page often since I will add additional scenarios to choose from.

I encourage you to come up with new, and surprising threat scenarios: write to me a short description of your proposed scenario, and I will add any valid proposal to the list so you and others can select it for evaluation.

Here is the list:

AES - detecting a mathematical shortcut

RSA - detecting a mathematical shortcut

Diffie Hellman - detecting a mathematical shortcut

Elliptic Curves Cryptography - detecting a mathematical shortcut

Federal HR Theft.

Bitcoin bribery.

Hardware Malware.

Reverse Stuxnet.

Compromising the IRS

Walmart hit like Target in 2013

Stealing Patient Data from Obamacare

Car Hacking (Suggested by Janice Jackson)

Psycho Analyst Notes

Personal Privacy

B2B Financial Risk

Gideon Teacher