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Humans Need an AI Strategy to Navigate Between its Risk and Opportunities

Our Proposition: Artificial Intelligence Assisted Innovation

Neither the AI alarmists, nor the AI reductionists speak with pacifying credibility. As artificial Intelligence technology tears into the fabric of our social economy, replaces more and more human jobs, the question flares: how far? No one knows for sure. The benefits are enormous and obvious, the peril is frightening and prospective. We need a strategy.

We have long surrendered our carbon-based human calculator to the silicon-based artificial calculator. We trail miserably in extracting conclusions from large data sets, and also machines don't get emotional, don't lose patience, and don't get tired. Anything left? -- Creativity, spirituality, art. Are these aspects safe? We can't really tell, but if we have any hope to hold AI in check it is based on human superiority in its most non-algorithmic capacity. And therefore our declared strategy should be to harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance human creativity and artistic capacity, to give us our best chance to stay on top.

Some years ago I have initiated a discipline for generic innovation -- a set of rules and protocols used to take sparking creativity all the way to productive innovation. I have run an engineering boutique for that purpose, earned my PhD on that topic, and have profited nicely from practicing it myself. It recently dawned on me that this low key discipline may be augmented with the tools of artificial intelligence, so as to harness AI in favor of the one area where humans have a chance to prevail over their silicon competitors.

I am still working on it, while teaching and offering Artificial Intelligence Assisted Innovation as a service.