AIAI as a Service

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You may choose to let us serve you with AIAI coaching. We will be glad to comply. Here is how it works: you state your R&D objective, and the work you have been doing so far. We apply our tools and advise you on how to move forward. How can we, laymen in your field, advise you, the expert in the field, how to innovate better? Simple: we apply generic principles of the innovation process, to help you avoid unproductive pathways, and we identify areas where the innovation resources are best utilized. We map your project onto the universal innovation map and achieve clarity that may hide from your examination.

You pay to an escrow account, and your payment reverts to you, if you apply our advice and you see no positive results.

AIAI Coaches Sought

We are actively looking for individuals willing and able to invest in becoming an AIAI coach. Once certified you can use our brand and sell your services.

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